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Since 1979.

With a decades-long track record of dependable, efficient, quality insulation services for multi-million-dollar single-family, multi-family, commercial, municipal and industrial projects throughout the interior of BC, Okanagan Insulation Services is committed to helping you meet your project goals.

Builder Partnerships Wanted
  • New builds, multi-family, commercial and municipal insulation
  • Deep understanding of municipal inspectors’ expectations
  • 1,000s of successful projects, experienced crew

Why Choose Us?

New Builds, Multi-family,<br>Commercial Insulation
New Builds, Multi-family,
Commercial Insulation
Deep Understanding<br>of Municipal Inspectors' Expectations
Deep Understanding
of Municipal Inspectors' Expectations
1,000s of Successful<br>Projects, Experienced Crew
1,000s of Successful
Projects, Experienced Crew
Fixed Pricing<br>to Match Your Budget
Fixed Pricing
to Match Your Budget
Flexible & On Schedule
Flexible & On Schedule
Serving the Okanagan<br>for Over 40 Years
Serving the Okanagan
for Over 40 Years

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