The Benefits of Proper Insulation in the Okanagan

April 29, 2021

Insulation properly installed in the Okanagan helps save energy and money.

Insulation properly installed in the Okanagan helps save energy and money.

From mid-30°C temperatures in summer to minus double digits in winter, the Okanagan is known for its occasional weather extremes. A home or business in the Okanagan that is properly insulated is the best way to combat the outdoor temperature from affecting your indoor environment. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of proper insulation and why you should hire a registered insulation contractor in the Okanagan.

Proper Insulation Helps Reduce Heat Transfer

The purpose of insulation is to provide heat flow resistance between your home or building’s interior and exterior environment. One way to measure how well the insulation resists heat flow is through an R-Value. In general, the higher the R-value, the better the heat resistance.

Besides reducing heat transfer, proper insulation also helps:

  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Provide soundproofing
  • Control moisture, condensation, and mould
  • Prevent ice dams from forming on roofs
  • Protect pipes from freezing

Proper Insulation Contains Safe Materials

Another reason to only use proper insulation in the Okanagan is that it includes insulating materials made with heat-resisting, hypoallergenic and safe natural and chemically derived materials. Proper insulation from an Okanagan insulation company should not contain toxins such as formaldehyde or be susceptible to off-gassing, where volatile organic compounds and other chemicals are released into the air.

Some of the best insulation materials include:

  • Fibreglass: Used in batt and poly, blown-in and thermal acoustic insulation, fibreglass contains natural materials such as recycled glass and is fire, mildew, and rot-resistant.
  • Polyurethane foam: Typically used in pour foam and spray foam insulation, closed-cell polyurethane foam offers some of the highest R-Value and moisture protection.

Proper Insulation Saves you Money

Insulation in your attic, floors, walls, and crawlspace is the best way to save on your energy bills, as your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to compensate for any heat loss or gain. You can even earn money through BC Hydro and Fortis BC rebates when upgrading your insulation with a program registered contractor such as Okanagan Insulation Services.

Learn more about rebates and how you can reduce your monthly energy bills with the Fortis BC & BC Hydro Home Renovation Rebate Program

Contact Okanagan Insulation Services for residential and commercial insulation upgrades and new construction. We offer a complete inspection of your existing insulation, free estimates for insulation upgrades, and service options for all budgets.