Our Story

Okanagan Insulation Services is proud to have served the BC interior for over 40 years. We’ve helped build thousands of projects in our community from single-family homes to wineries, hotels, and award-winning multi-million-dollar projects. Started in Kelowna in the early 1970s, the company has built a reputation of honest estimates, dependable service, and fair prices.

Now in the hands of the second generation of the Meyer family, Okanagan Insulation Services looks forward to continuing to be a trustworthy local company that is deeply invested in the success and growth of our beautiful community.

Our Team

Josh Meyer of Okanagan Insulation Services
Josh Meyer
President & General Manager
Jason Meyer of Okanagan Insulation Services
Jason Meyer
Office Administration
Scott Belsey of Okanagan Insulation Services
Scott Belsey
Spray Foam Manager
Chris Greenwood of Okanagan Insulation Services
Chris Greenwood
Site Support Supervisor
Meagan Meyer of Okanagan Insulation Services
Meagan Meyer
Project Coordinator
Jackson & Linden Meyer of Okanagan Insulation Services
Jackson & Linden Meyer
Third Generation Insulation Experts
Layla  of Okanagan Insulation Services
Office Guard Dog
  • Today
  • The next generation

    Josh and his team continue to build on the legacy that Ken started over 47 years ago while Josh’s own two sons are eager and ready to join the team as the third generation of insulation experts.

  • 2016
  • Okanagan Insulation Services Spray Foam Division
    Okanagan Insulation Services now offers spray-foam insulation services
  • 2007
  • Josh and Jason take over

    Josh and Jason take over running the company and form Okanagan Insulation Services (2007) Ltd. as Ken transitions into a (well-deserved) snowbird.

  • 2001
  • Josh and Jason start working at Okanagan Insulation

    Josh realizes his love for all things insulation and starts working full-time at Okanagan Insulation with Ken and his older brother Jason.

  • 1993
  • okanagan insulation services 1993
    A new generation

    Josh and Jason, Ken’s sons, start learning about the exciting world of insulation after school and during summer vacations.

  • 1979
  • Okanagan Insulation Services is officially incorporated
  • 1975
  • Ken pioneers blown-in insulation

    Ken pioneers blown-in insulation and the transition from paper backed insulation to the unfaced fiberglass batts with vapor barrier in the Okanagan.

  • 1973
  • Ken and the original truck in 1973
    Ken and the original truck in 1973

    Ken Meyer, formerly a construction framer, sees a need in the industry for a dependable insulation provider and starts Okanagan Insulation Services with a small loan for a truck and an order of insulation.