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Are you thinking it might be time to upgrade your home’s insulation? Chilly floors, high heating and cooling bills, and temperature difference between levels can be a sure sign that your home may need extra insulation.

Our expert estimators can advise you on what upgrades may or may not be best for you, as well as educate you on the various rebate and grant programs that you may be eligible for. Once your appointment is confirmed, an estimator will come to your home to assess your current insulation levels, advise on where improvements can be made, notify you as to whether or not this may impact other aspects of your home’s health, and let you know the cost for the upgrades.

To book your no cost insulation estimate, please use our online booking request form or call our office at 250-491-5818.

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To schedule an estimate, please select a preferred date and time of day so we can make sure to accommodate you accordingly. We will contact you to confirm your appointment in 1-2 business days.