Home Insulation in The Okanagan Valley

Homeowners are often trying to find a way to save money and lower their monthly costs. It’s time to think home insulation. Insufficient insulation can be one of the leading issues when it comes to high energy costs—and an uncomfortable home environment. Too hot in summer? Too cold in winter? Okanagan Insulation can help.

When your home lacks proper insulation and air sealing, it's like leaving a window wide open - letting warm air out in winter and cool air out in summer. Ever wondered why your energy bills seem to keep increasing? Now you have your answer.

The reality for homes without adequate insulation means dealing with drafty rooms, fluctuating temperatures, and heating/cooling systems working overtime. Besides the discomfort, poor insulation can lead to moisture issues, making your living space a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

About 65% of the average Canadian household’s energy expenses are used for heating or cooling up their space. The good news? Investing in or upgrading your insulation will help you save at least 10% of your home's energy cost and improve your home's comfort all year. In some cases, homes with inadequate insulation are prone to losing around 20% of their energy through the roof alone. That's like pouring money into the sky!

Installing insulation isn't just about comfort; it's about making a smart financial choice.

Our range of home insulation services is designed to keep your home cozy in winter, cool in summer, and your wallet content year-round.

Our Services Include:

We specialize in working with a variety of insulation material:

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Okanagan Insulation Services

At OKI, our 40+ years of experience will ensure professional service delivery, creating a home that is evenly heated, free of hot or cold spots and generally more pleasant. Every home has unique needs, and we offer a range of services based on the area in need of insulation and several types of insulation, from batt & poly insulation to thermal acoustic spray-on insulation; our team can take care of your home.

Home Insulation Guidelines to Increase Energy Efficiency

Attic Spaces:

  • Insulate attics with loose fill fiberglass insulation material to ensure even coverage in all areas
  • Add chute vents where needed to ensure proper air flow in the attic space, allowing air to be drawn up and over the insulation
  • Install or repair the vapor barrier where needed to prevent moisture issues
  • Insulate the attic hatch to prevent heat loss in this area

Exterior Walls:

  • Install exterior walls including foundation walls and wall cavities
  • Be sure to insulate joist ends as well
  • Ensure a proper air barrier with complete seal is installed by either using spray foam insulation or batt & poly insulation

Floors Above Unconditioned Spaces:

  • Seal and insulate floors above crawlspaces or unheated garages to prevent air leaks and contaminants

Crawlspaces & Foundations:

  • Seal and insulate your foundation walls to minimize heat loss, protect against moisture, and reduce condensation
  • For new builds, insulating concrete forms are an ideal solution

Duct Insulation:

  • Seal and insulate ducts to avoid energy losses
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