Crawlspace Insulation

crawlspace insulation kelowna

If you have an uninsulated crawlspace, you are likely dealing with cold floors and high heating and cooling costs.

Insulating your crawlspace is a great way to save energy, improve comfort, and lengthen the lives of your home’s heating and cooling equipment.

At Okanagan Insulation Services, we recommend spray foam insulation as the ideal solution for crawlspaces as it offers complete air & water tight coverage with no gaps or holes typical of traditional batt insulation and it also resists mold growth.

If you’re looking to insulate your crawlspace or upgrade your existing crawlspace insulation, contact us for your free estimate and to take advantage of current rebates.

Our Services Include:

  • We believe the ultimate solution for crawlspace insulation both in cost and in effectiveness is spray foam insulation. We are able to fully insulate the crawlspace 'ceiling' and walls seamlessly with no gaps or holes for air, moisture, or critters to get in

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