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Okanagan Insulation Services provides top-quality products and best-in-the-industry insulation services to residential and commercial clients from Kelowna and surrounding areas. Our experienced installers have served the area since 1979, and we’ve earned a reputation for reliable work and friendly service. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your attic insulation, replace your insulation during a renovation, or install insulation for new construction, we can help! Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Please use our online form, including your name and contact information, along with any questions or a request for a free estimate, and Okanagan Insulation Services will respond to you as quickly as possible.


530 Beaver Lake Road
Kelowna, BC V4V 1S5

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Residential Estimates
Central & North Okanagan

Email: ron@okinsulation.ca
Cell: 250-862-6426

Residential Estimates
South Okanagan

Email: leonard@okinsulation.ca
Cell: 403-827-1262

Multi-Family &

Email: randy@okinsulation.ca
Cell: 250-575-6311

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