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With a decades-long track record of dependable and quality insulation services for single-family, multi-family, commercial, municipal and industrial projects throughout the interior of BC, Okanagan Insulation Services is committed to helping you deliver on your project goals.

We are experts in creating air-tight building enclosures and can help you meet and exceed your BC Step Code goals through innovative and cost-effective insulation solutions.  We have teamed up with builders around the interior to repeatedly achieve Step 4 efficiency levels through improved insulation solutions, keeping builders easily ahead of the provincial and municipal requirements.  Let us show you how easy it is to reach BC Step Code success through the strategic use of insulation in your new construction project.


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Our experienced crew can tackle any scope or complexity of project. No project is too big or too small!  We continuously produce new insulation solutions tailored to the unique design and efficiency needs of our clients.  Having worked with local building inspectors for decades, we can confidently offer you solutions that will keep your project on schedule and passing inspections.

Builders who use our services can confidently offer New Home Warranties on our insulation as we stand behind our work and have done so for over 40 years!

Why Choose Us?

Single Family, Multi-family,<br>Commercial, Municipal and Industrial Insulation Solutions
Single Family, Multi-family,
Commercial, Municipal and Industrial Insulation Solutions
Deep Understanding<br>of Municipal Inspectors' Expectations
Deep Understanding
of Municipal Inspectors' Expectations
1,000s of Successful<br>Projects, Experienced Crew
1,000s of Successful
Projects, Experienced Crew
Fixed Pricing<br>to Match Your Budget
Fixed Pricing
to Match Your Budget
Flexible & On Schedule
Flexible & On Schedule
Serving the Okanagan<br>for Over 40 Years
Serving the Okanagan
for Over 40 Years
BC Step Code Experts helping you meet and exceed your Step Code goals
BC Step Code Experts helping you meet and exceed your Step Code goals
Builder Trust for New Home Warranty
Builder Trust for New Home Warranty

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