North Okanagan

The North Okanagan is a deeply seeded area with a rich history. Stretching across the Trans Canada Highway and dipping south, you will pass through Salmon Arm, Chase, Sicamous, Armstrong, and Enderby. While you follow the winding roads and drive next to shimmering lakes, you will see the beauty of the Shuswap

From desert to lakeshores to mountains - temperatures average 25 degrees Celsius in the summer and -2 degrees Celsius in the winter. Some of the older communities would benefit from insulation upgrades and retrofitting. There is no need to demolish the beauty of heritage homes when Okanagan Insulation Services can update blow-in attic insulation, or apply spray foam insulation to crawl spaces.

Insulation Services for Salmon Arm, Chase, Enderby

Okanagan Insulation Services is here to serve the North Okanagan’s growth by providing supreme insulating services. Embracing our seasons and understanding how to protect your family from the moisture from the temperate rainforests and the fluffy and abundant snow.

Insulation Services for Salmon Arm, Chase, Enderby

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