Where Should You Insulate Your Home?

November 17, 2020

Blown-in insulation is an effective way to upgrade your attic and prevent heat loss.

Blown-in insulation is an effective way to upgrade your attic and prevent heat loss.

When it comes to knowing where to insulate your home, it helps to look up, look down, and look all around. Due to the climate in British Columbia, insulation throughout a home is needed to protect it from the elements and maintain energy efficiency. 

Here we look at the different areas of a home that you’ll want to insulate and what type is best suited for that particular space.

Look Up

You’ve likely heard that heat rises. Your attic is one of the areas that can experience the most heat loss. Attic insulation is imperative in maintaining the temperature in your home. In winter, it keeps heat from escaping and cold air from entering, while in summer, it prevents heat from penetrating through your roof. All this adds up to savings on your utility bills and other benefits. Upgrade your attic insulation to:

  • Reduce strain on your HVAC system
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Provide a barrier to the elements
  • Add soundproofing
  • Attain Fortis BC and BC Hydro rebates

The best product for your attic is blown-in insulation as it provides a significant barrier with a high R-Value rating and can be installed to fill large areas and small gaps. It is also relatively inexpensive in overall home insulation costs.

Look Down

Another important area to insulate in your home is your crawl space or basement. Crawlspace insulation limits moisture and helps keep air from escaping through your home’s floors. It also saves on energy bills as it helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout your building.

Spray foam insulation is best for crawlspaces and basements as it provides a moisture barrier and protects your home’s overall air quality from mould growth. It also seals off any pests from getting inside.

Look Around

Wall insulation not only keeps energy costs down, as it prevents air from entering or escaping, it also provides soundproofing, crucial in multi-family dwellings.

There are several wall insulating products. Some of the most recommended include:

  • Batt and poly
  • Rockwool insulation, a lightweight, semi-rigid stone wool product known for its superior fire resistance and sound control
  • Spray foam insulation

For more information, read How to Keep Your Home Warm and Keep Costs Down in Winter.

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