How to Stay Cool While Camping: RV Insulation

May 27, 2021

Effective insulation will keep the hot summer air out of your RV and keep the cool air inside.

Effective insulation will keep the hot summer air out of your RV and keep the cool air inside.

It may seem odd to think about insulating your camper during the summer months, however, this is vital to keeping the hot Okanagan air out and keeping the cool air in. Not every RV comes equipped with A/C, so we have listed some cost effective ways to keep your trailer cool this summer.

Or maybe you’re thinking of replacing your trailer insulation? Is there water damage, travelling to a humid vacation spot, or would you like to decrease the weight of your RV? We highly recommend spray foam insulation for your camper, and here’s why!

Spray Foam Insulation for RV’s

Spray foam insulation is an ideal choice for RV’s because of the consistent application which provides an air and watertight insulation with no gaps or holes. Having such a lightweight insulation is ideal for those that love to travel to the mountains or take long distance trips where weight plays a factor. Spray foam insulation is also impervious to moisture which is perfect for rainy or humid weather while you are on a summer adventure. 

Our spray foam insulation is made from high quality materials - we are proud to use Johns Manville Corbond III. This two-pound closed cell spray foam is perfect for travel vans, busses, campers, and so much more!

“At Okanagan Insulation Services, we pride ourselves on our strict adherence to Canadian spray foam regulations and performance specifications to ensure the product is applied safely and performs as it should.”

We are proud of our trained team of spray foam technicians; they ensure that the insulation is precisely applied to maximize the effectiveness and minimize waste, and stay cool this summer. Once you have added or upgraded the insulation in your RV, we recommend these other tricks to keep the heat out of your camper.

Window Insulation

In a pinch, you can cover your windows with tin foil or you can set yourself up for success by using an insulated window cover. Using the Reflectix window cover will reflect the sun’s rays away from your camper and keep the inside cool. 

Cover your skylights with an insulated cover, this will help to reduce the sun at its peak while protecting your upholstery!

Turn on the Ceiling Fan

This is an integral part of keeping your RV cool this summer. The constant circulation of air while you are resting outside will regulate the temperature. Be sure to adjust your vents to push the cool air down and the hot air up - and out of the trailer.

Cook Outside

Get outdoors and get that flame broiled flavour! Avoiding steam and heat from the oven will drastically improve the coolness inside your RV. Pull out your BBQ, cook over the fire, or get creative with salads. Here are some fun camping recipes: 25 Camping Recipes with 5 Ingredients or Less, 10 Quick and Easy Recipes to Keep you Full in the Wilderness, Camping Recipes.

Get out this summer and enjoy the sites and sounds of nature. Living in supernatural British Columbia has its perks. Take the kids to the lake, teach them how to build a fire, spend quality time with your family without sacrificing comfort. We have you covered keeping you cool this summer with our spray foam insulation.

We are here to help with your insulation needs, book your spray foam insulation appointment before summer, contact us today!