Garage Updates: Insulation Improvements To Consider

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Are you practicing to be this generation’s Beatles or an amatuer craftsman working out of your garage? 

Are you practicing to be this generation’s Beatles or an amatuer craftsman working out of your garage? 

There has been a lot of chatter regarding the great energy rebates and initiatives that are happening in our province. But not all insulation benefits have to do with being energy efficient and having cost savings. Your home is built to be lived in by your family, and there is one room that is usually left out. That’s right - your garage! There are many British Columbians who use their garage as a shop, rehearsal space, or convert their garage into a small living space. Let’s take a look at all of the advantages to insulating your garage!

Health First

We know that Canadians normally use their garage to store equipment, extra chemicals, and our vehicles. Carbon monoxide is a serious threat to your family. Installing a carbon monoxide alarm is imperative to aid in the safety of your home. But why stop there? By insulating your garage walls and sealing all areas between a shared door, you will prevent the deadly gas from seeping into your living space. Covering the inside of your wall with spray foam insulation will help to fill every little crack that may be in your wall to prevent leaking.

Home Shop

There are many of us who are a red seal technician or an avid enthusiast of a hand-working craft. This would mean that you will have converted your garage into a work space to perfect your techniques. You shouldn’t have to bundle up in the winter and bring in space heaters; installing insulation will help you feel comfortable in your shop - no matter the season. By applying weatherstripping tape to all of your doors and windows, you will help to reduce the noise coming from your garage. You shouldn’t have to worry about noise disrupting your neighbour when you want to get an early start on a Sunday project.

Band Practice

We get it, your band has to practice so that you can be the star at the next block party! However, not all of your neighbours will agree with us. Be considerate to your cul de sac mate and install insulation. Fibreglass insulation carries natural soundproofing qualities that will benefit your band too! By creating a solid wall, it will absorb the sound and provide a better environment for your band to nail your next gig! We recommend insulating your garage door too! Most urban homes have the garage door facing onto the street. Reduce the sound vibrations on the metal door by adding some insulation pads or upgrade to an insulated garage door.

Types of Insulation

Fibreglass - The most common type of insulation in residential homes. It is the most economical, fast installation, and has an R-value of up to R-50.

Blow-In/Cellulose - This insulation is made 100% of recycled materials. It is the perfect solution for non-confrorming spaces because it will fill large areas and remove any gaps.

Spray Foam - This is the most advanced type of insulation. This is the ideal choice if you are looking to prevent moisture or need an airtight seal. You can apply this insulation in any room or space to provide an effective and reliable seal.

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