How To Improve The Insulation In Your Home This Winter

September 14, 2021

There are rooms in your home that aren’t insulated and are sucking out the warm air in your home.

There are rooms in your home that aren’t insulated and are sucking out the warm air in your home.

With Old Man Winter arousing from his summer slumber, the weather is going to start cooling off. Is your house prepared to let the warm air stay and keep that chill out of the house? You may be spending too much on your energy bills when that could be easily avoided. Here are some handy tips that you can use to keep your home warm this winter.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

It may seem silly but if your couch is too close to a heating source, it will actually hinder the warm air from circulating in your home. The fabric of the couch is absorbing all of that heat - probably why it’s your favourite spot! 

Purchase thick drapes to cover your windows when the sun goes down. Use the warmth of the sun during the day, but when it starts to get dark it is vital to draw your curtains closed. It will act as secondary insulation for your windows. Be sure to check for any gaps or cracks in your window frame to make sure your windows aren’t letting that heat escape.

We all love the look of hardwood flooring, but it can cause a chill in your rooms. The simplest solution is to add a decorative - and cozy - rug! While it will keep your feet warm, it will also absorb the heat coming from your floor vents.

Get creative on how to keep warmth in your home to save your energy costs - there are many eco-friendly solutions out there!

Insulation Must-Do’s

Attic Space

Most of the heat from your home will escape through your roof - an estimated 20%! It is highly recommended to insulate your attic to keep that warm air in. There are many types of insulation that you can use to get the job done right. Using loose fibreglass insulation will be able to easily fill your attic space - no matter the size or shape. It will not rot or deteriorate and is non-corrosive to pipes and wiring. Another option - use batt insulation and install it on the inside of your roof. 

Crawlspace and Basements

It is not surprising that the walls that are submerged in the ground have a heat loss of around 15%. By insulating the crawlspace or basement walls, you will have a cozy home and a comfortable energy bill. The best insulation to use would be spray foam insulation. By using this type of insulation, you will be guaranteed to cover any cracks or gaps that might be found in the walls. By filling these voids with material, you are creating a better air-tight seal.

Hot Water Tank

If you have a new hot water tank, it is probably already insulated. A quick check you can make is to simply touch it. If you feel any heat, that means the energy is leaving the tank and going into the air. That will come across on your energy bill. Wrapping your tank in a reflective “jacket” will mean that the water will stay warmer for longer and will save your wallet.


You’re in luck! There are many rebates available when you are upgrading your home insulation. From your attic to the basement and everything in between, you’re covered! At Okanagan Insulation Services, we are here to help guide you through these processes and provide you with the best insulation services in the Okanagan! As a Program Registered Contractor with the Home Renovation Rebate Program, we have received special training on building science fundamentals, and air sealing and insulation best practices, in addition to meeting BC Hydro and FortisBC's program requirements. 

Don’t let Old Man Winter into your home uninvited this winter, get smart with your energy bill and start saving this winter! 

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